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Last Updated: January 1, 2012
Your relationship is what makes your world go 'round. But what happens when your world suddenly spins out of control? Isn't that the way it seems when we are breaking up with someone we really care about?

There are a million reasons why relationships fail. And yet, many break ups can be avoided if we only stepped in sooner. Despite the red flags along the road to relationship failure, we often don't see the end coming. Wouldn't you like a second chance to make things right? Would you like to see those red flags and be able to do something about them?

Wouldn't you also like to be able to "foresee" the future and reclaim the love you once had? Wouldn't it be nice to successfully get the love of your life back in your arms?

Of course it would. And when our relationships go south, we want to be able to turn things around. But how? How do you reclaim your lost love? Doing something might be good, but then again, doing the wrong thing might be the last dagger that ends the relationship. So doing the right thing is most important.

That's why we decided to review several relationship programs to determine which ones are the very best - our key criteria were depth of knowledge, useful strategies, and overall relationship success.

In total we reviewed seven relationship programs - but only three met our criteria:

  • Depth of Knowledge - Does the program provide a unique and insightful basis for understanding relationships?
  • Useful Strategies - Does the program provide implementable strategies that are effective and appropriate?
  • Success - Do the strategies work?
Our Choice  The Magic of Making Up

Rating 9.3/10

Depth of Knowledge
Useful Strategies

"The most helpful guide on how to make up with your ex..."

This program works for both men and women who are trying to jump start a dying relationship and it's our top pick for 2010.

This guide comes to us from author TW Jackson. Jackson has developed quite an extensive program to turn your love around with some heart-to-heart strategies that are genuinely effective. Topics range from cheating to increasing the passion to avoid relationship boredom. Jackson's program emphasizes how to get your relationship back on track and how to get those sparks flying again.

We've rated quite a few of these programs and found that Jackson's program is by far the most comprehensive, relevant, and up-to-date.

Besides some really innovative make-up strategies, you get tactics on how to avoid fighting and increase communication with your loved one when getting back together.

What we liked most about the program is that Jackson never "talks down" to you. He realizes that relationships are intense and we all make mistakes. He doesn't spend time figuring out who is to blame but rather how to look forward and bring the love, joy, and sex back into a relationship.

Overall, we were really impressed with this program. The only downside was that there isn't a ton of general relationship information given, but we think this is actually a good thing as it keeps the focus on effective stratgeies instead of on any "filler" material.

The Verdict: Very well organized;, Extensive and very insightful; Surefire strategies; Money Back Guarantee; Affordable - our Top Pick!

Rating 8.7/10

Depth of Knowledge
Useful Strategies

Highly Recommended

2. Get Him Back Forever

Our second pick is Get Him Back Forever, which is written for women who are interested in getting their boyfriend back.

Brought to us by ex-boyfriend guru Matt Huston, this guide includes quite a lot of strategies and secret "button" tactics to immediately change course in your dying relationship. We found it to be a fairly solid guide with some much needed explanations of why things go wrong and what to do about it.

Overall, this is a great program that has a lot of specifics to help women get their boyfriends back.

But our expectations were quite high after reading through our top pick, so we really had to take a close look at this program to make a fair comparison. While there is great info here that you are sure to benefit from, it gets bogged-down in the details, not to mention that the presentation and organization isn't the best. Because of these factors this program took second place.

Rating 7.3/10

Depth of Knowledge
Useful Strategies

Also Recommended

3. Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back is our third and final selection. As you can tell from the title, it's a program written specifically for guys who want to make-up with their ex-girlfriends. This program comes to us from relationship expert Matt Huston (also the author of our #2 choice).

In addition to the guide, you get several audio feeds, and three other relationship products that are all fairly helpful.

While throwing all these bonus products out at us, the program itself misses the important issue of communication and other relationship concerns that arise during a break up, such as jealousy, heartbreak, and anxiety. Further, it spends way too much time in the "dating" scene, which we feel is a little beyond the scope of the program's intentions.

This product is better suited for a younger high school crowd, and remains our third choice.

So, what should you do next? We recommend The Magic of Making Up
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What about the Magic of Making Up scam?
Read our review of the Magic of Making Up on this page to find out!

About the Magic of Making Up

The Magic of Making Up is an advice guide which promises not only to help with the breakdown of relationships, divorce, separation and endless arguing, but also to help with the awful feeling of unrequited love.

Quite simply, it says that as long as the other person cares just a little bit, then the guide can help you to win their heart and mind and live happily ever after in smug coupledom.

It understands that this person may not see you as the love of their life, but after learning a few simple techniques, the right dialogue, and the right time and place to use these skills, you will soon convince them that you are.

What it Offers

On the surface, this program sounds as though it is offering nothing different than those advice gurus all over the web are, yet the founder proves his research by stating that on the Internet, advice will more commonly be to stay away for at least a month. This is unique in its selling point, as this guide understands a month can seem like a lifetime when you want to be with someone and so it offers the opposite.

Although, it doesn't encourage you to call every five seconds and begin stalking your prey like a demented person, it shows you how to use the right words, the right time to call, and the right situations to bring up delicate matters.

Apparently, a friend of the founder has used these techniques unashamedly on married women and found that no matter how much out of his league they were, they still fell for it every single time.

In a non-judgmental manner, this guide helps you to realize simple strategies in winning the heart of the one you covet. It understands different situations and so has tailored each piece of advice to these. This gives it a personal feel, as if you are experiencing one-on-one education from a relationship expert. As it promises, it does make you feel as if there is someone holding your hand every step of the way.

This person also stops you from making fundamental mistakes that most love-obsessed people make. Not only does it promise to hold your hand through the actual bones of the relationship, it gives advice about the best time to have sex, how to diffuse arguments, and how not to let interference from any angle damage your happiness. The guide won't only tell you why it's such a bad idea to call text or e-mail your partner constantly until they have no choice but slap you with an injunction. But it will tell you when the right time to call is, and more importantly, what to say when you do.

Beyond this, it also professes to know that even if the object of your desire is dating someone else, this can still be used to your advantage, and you will win in the end.


It does have a fresh, honest approach that is free of jargon, empathetic and seems to truly understand a person's situation. Yet the price seems quite reasonable compared to other advice of the same caliber.

The Founder

The founder states that this is due to his lack of a psychology degree. His advice is all from experience, from his many years in the military dealing with his own and friends' long distance relationships, and to his life experience beyond that.

He certainly seems to know what he is talking about. There is no usual clone of advice that expects you to concentrate on yourself and say goodbye to the past. This guide understands that some people just cannot let go, and that they know in their hearts they will never be happy unless they win back their ex, or win the love of someone they are besotted with.


From recommendations on the website it certainly seems to be working for some. The product is easy to download for a gracious fee, and the website even offers free tasters before you buy.

Included in the Package

It reiterates that many people break up and get back together every day, and says that the reasons are quite clear. They know they'll never find someone who makes them feel the way their ex did. They understand that the reasons they were driven apart don't have to keep them apart and they felt the same as you - completely lost, lonely and desolate without that person in their lives. It explains when the right time to have sex is, and how a man could lose his love by pushing for it too soon, or how a lady could watch it unravel by keeping him waiting too long.

Even if you've made mistakes, maybe you've been a pain to live with, over-protective and jealous? Maybe you've spent the weekly grocery money on new clothes and a girls/boys night out? Maybe you've given into temptation and finally succumbed to the boss's charms? Did your partner tell you they could never forgive adultery? The Magic of Making Up promises to prove them wrong, and have you sitting pretty in no time.

It shows the timing to have the all-important discussion of where the relationship is headed. It explains simply why you should wait before indulging in this swapping of emotions and how to get the answers you crave when the conversation does come up. Each milestone is clearly labeled, making it easy to follow.

This guide tells you how to spot the signs that your ex-lover still cares, and says this is quite simply all you need, just one sign to show they still hold a flicker of a flame, and then it can show you how to reignite it into a fire of desire.

The Biggest Attraction

Enigmatically, it explains how there is just one thing men crave above all else in a woman, and no, it isn't sex, beauty or youth. Apparently, you will be shocked to learn what it is, but once you download the book, the secrets are all yours to use.


It certainly promises a lot, but testimonials seem to indicate that it also delivers!

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