Tips on How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Okay, so you made a mistake. Youíve just dumped the wrong girl. Or maybe you caused the wrong girl to dump you. All is not lost. Whether you want her back because sheís the love of your life or you just donít want to spend another night alone, here is a guide on how to get your ex-girlfriend back.

According to the Magic of Making Up the first thing you need to do is get back in contact. A heartfelt phone call is a nice start. When doing this, if she doesnít hang up on you right away, you have a chance, but that doesnít mean you need to throw yourself at her like a wounded puppy. Letting her know how you feel is good, but only partially. No woman wants a whining, emotional heap for a boyfriend. Sure, she wants to know that you still love her, but she doesnít want to know how many times you watched that porn with the girl that looked just like her.

Tell her how you are feeling. If she starts getting nasty with you, donít argue. If you really want her back, you are just going to have to swallow some pride. Let her say what she has to. The fact that she hasnít hung up is the best sign you can hope for. She wonít be happy with you and itís best to accept that now.

The key here is one phrase. No matter what she says to you, no matter how much she insists that she would never get back with you; you have to end the conversation with ďIím still in love with you.Ē I canít stress this enough. Even if you say nothing else right, say that just before she hangs up. Itíll be the last thing she hears.

Now you play the waiting game. Resist the urge to call her the next day. If she calls you, great, youíve probably got her in the bag. If not, then thereís still some work to do. Two days after the first phone call, send her flowers. Hopefully you know her favorite. If not, lilies or daisies are a good standby. Try to avoid roses. Most women find roses to be more amorous. The message you want to send is one of innocent apology and love. You donít want her thinking that the whole reason you want her back is sex (even if that is true). Make sure to send a message with the flowers. Something like: ďI know flowers wonít fix things, but I wanted you to know that Iím sorry and that I was thinking of you. Love, -Ē will really help your case.

Now, if you donít get a call that night, donít give up. The next day, give her a call. If she picks up, ask her how she is and if she got the flowers. She might have some choice words for you, but rest assured that no small thing goes unnoticed by a woman. You have gotten her attention. Now, the only advice I can give is donít screw up and donít be pushy. By not hanging up, she proved she might take you back; the ballís in her court now. Good luck.

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