A Guide on How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Okay ladies, you thought you could do without him, right? You wanted to prove you didnít need a man and now you canít stop thinking about him. Well, before you grab that bottle of tequila and start deleting pictures off your laptop while balling your eyes out, try using some of these tips on how to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Men are simple. They donít need you to send them flowers or letters and they definitely donít want you calling them all day telling them how sorry you are. As a matter of fact, the Magic of Making Up says these will probably hurt your case way more than they will help. Guys donít like clingy girls. Heck, no one likes clingy people. So, the first rule is: donít be clingy.

Now, you need to accept that since you broke up with him, he has probably found himself a filler girl to pass the time with. You absolutely should NOT get angry with him about this. Rebound boy/girlfriends are just part of the game. You also canít give up just because thereís competition. There has always been competition; you were just always in the lead position before. Now you need to win your spot back.

Start by fixing yourself up. Yes, it sounds cheesy and chauvinistic and all that, but letís face facts. Men are visual creatures and you need to show him what heís missing out on. Pull out the chest shirts and the heels and leave your hair down. Try not to over do it with the make-up.

Call him up and see if heíll meet you somewhere. Tell him that you need to talk. If he says no, then you may need to surprise him at work with a ďperfectly acceptable excuse.Ē Nevertheless, find a way to meet. Tell him that youíve missed seeing him and having him around. This is big. Guys like to feel needed and useful. Let him know that things havenít been the same without him. Try not to get too emotional or you might scare him off. If he brings up the fact that you dumped him, apologize. Tell him that you made a mistake and that you werenít thinking.

He may tell you that he needs to think about it. He may just say no. Either way, gives him a little space. Donít give him the impression that youíre desperate. A few days after the encounter, ask him to lunch. Make sure youíre still looking good. Just chat with him lightly. Make him laugh. Talk about good times you both had as if they just happened yesterday. Once itís over, tell him you had fun and leave. Donít bring up the dating issue unless he does.

Call him that night and tell him that you want to get back together with him. Let him know how much you care about him and remind him of how much fun you had that afternoon. The two previous encounters will be fresh in his mind and heíll probably be thinking about how good you were looking. He will probably be much more open to the possibility now than he ever was before. I wish you luck, ladies.

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