What NOT to Do When You Get Dumped

Everyone here has probably been through a breakup or two. You may be going through one right now. The big problem with breakups is that people often do things that, under normal circumstances, they would never think of doing. This problem intensifies with how big the breakup actually is. This is a cautionary guide about what NOT to do when you get dumped.

Getting dumped isnít fun for anyone. However, no matter how shafted you are feeling, there are some rules outlined in the Magic of Making Up that you need to stick to if you want to maintain your dignity and stay out of jail. First of all, unless light shone from every pore of their body, you probably donít need them, so donít waste your time trying to get them back. If you absolutely have to get them back, then go for it, but itís probably not worth your time, especially if they dumped you. Your best bet is to leave well enough alone and move on.

Next, if you are entertaining any thoughts of payback, then discard them. No matter how great your plan to key her car or drop his iphone in a toilet seems to be right now, it is NOT a good plan. Revenge will get you two things; guilt and restraining orders. Actually, you could really get yourself into trouble trying to carry out some half-backed plan for revenge.

Now that youíve been dumped, you are officially on the rebound. That really hot guy at work with the cute dimples is starting to really appeal to you. Maybe that blonde receptionist down the hall is practically beckoning you. I have one word for you: NO. Jumping right back into the saddle is not only going break your heart more but may also wind up breaking the hearts of others. Besides, what if those people really would be a good match for you? Turning them into your rebound boy/girlfriend will probably forever ruin any chance you may have of a serious relationship. Just donít go there. Lay low on the dating scene for a little while. Re-acquaint yourself with you. Spend some time just doing what you do without any outside attachments.

Finally, do not let yourself get depressed about being dumped. No matter what form it may come in for you, be it drowning your sorrows in a bottle of beer or a tub of ice cream; you canít let one bad situation control your life. So they dumped you. It sucks. No, you donít have to get over it in 5 seconds, but you do have to get over it. They were not the only people on earth that you could ever love and they were not the only ones on earth that could ever love you. All you have to do is get back up on your feet and keep moving. Itís probably not the only time youíll ever be dumped and itís definitely not the worst thing that can happen to you. So let it go and whatever you do, donít over-react.

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